Thursday, October 7, 2010

Handwork Thrives!

There is a resurgence of ladies who are doing handwork. It may not be out of necessity like our grandmothers but nevertheless it has returned! Our grandmothers needed hot pads to get items out of the oven so what did they do? They made them! They crocheted & sewed to get them what they needed. Today we love to sit with yarn in our hands & imagine what it was like for  them so many years ago to have to create all that they needed. There was no local KMART  to go to. Most times there wasn't even a grocery store. We love to create! We love to see what we are capable of! We love to take basic materials & turn them into something lovely! What are you working on right now? I have a hat & mittens on a set of double points right now as I write this!  I also have a quilt to be quilted. I have many numerous projects in varying stages of completion. Somedays it overwhelms me but most it just stirs up my creative mind even more!

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Applesauce Mom said...

These are such beautiful pieces. I live on the east coast and have been anticipating the winter months. You have inspired me...I think I will try some knitting, I have always been interested in it. Thank you for your post!