Thursday, July 29, 2010

How many of you remember seeing your grandmother dry her dishes with a flour sack towel? They are the best. They leave no lint & are very absorbant.  All of the ones my grandmother had had pictures of all kinds embroidered on them. There were flowers, silverware, dishes, animals, animated things of all kinds, people, etc. You can still find flour sack towels but the new ones do not have the embroidery on them. If you want embroidered ones you must look at the antique shops. I do embroidery on new ones for wedding gifts. It is so much fun to pick out a design especially for someone & then watch their face when they open it!
These are some of the ones I have for sale & you can see the variety. Think back to a time before dishwashers & remember what it was like to talk while doing the dishes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you remember reading Dr. Seuss? The tongue twisters & the crazy animals? What an imagination!  I remember reading him to my kids & thinking he had been around forever!  Well he has & kids still love him! Pick up one of his books today to read to your kids or grandkids & watch their eyes light up! They wonder at what is coming next! They catch the sing song in your voice & want it reread so they can copy you! Pass on the love of reading with Dr. Seuss!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Laundry Rooms

Years ago, in one of the houses I lived in I found this old ironing board top in the garage! As you may have been able to tell I am a bit of a collector! I couldn't just throw it out so I used it in my laundry room on the wall! It makes such a neat arrangement with all the other laundry stuff! I have an old washboard that my mom gave me along with a thermometer used to tell if the water was hot enough! After this picture was taken I added a couple of more thins to it but it really makes my laundry room homey! I added a quilted sunflower table topper hanging over the edge of the ironing board & it really gives it a kick of color! What vintage items have you used in your country decorating? Let me know as I love to get inspiration from you! Be creative in all you do!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I never knew that my Grandma made quilts until after she passed away & there were several in her things that my father told me she had made. The finished quilts went to the sons & daughters but there was one unfinished top (imagine that- they had UFOs even back then) that no one knew what to do with, so I asked my father if I could have it. I had it quilted by some ladies at the Methodist church that I used to go to but now it sits in my UFO pile waiting for the binding. It isn't just because I haven't had the time but it is also because I am trying to find a color of binding that will go with it. The types of fabrics that were available then compared to now has changed. So I continue to hunt for the perfect binding. I wish I could say that I have a picture to show you but it is packed away right now. When I can get to it I will be sure to include a picture. I did finsh one of my miniatures this week however, and have a picture of it to show you!

How many of you have UFOs (unfinshed objects)?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last week I was in our Bibles for Missions Thrift store & you will never guess what I found! A treadle sewing machine! Even better was that it was only $25. It works & has all of its parts. My only problem is I haven't had time to sit down with it & figure out how to thread it. It is much different than any other treadle that I have seen. It will take some getting used to because up until now my electric Singer has been my main stay but I am excited to learn how. How many of you remember someone in your family who used a treadle sewing machine? How many of you have your family's treadle sewing machine. Tell us of your memories of it?! Pass on the stories of how simple life used to be. How the world was before electricity. I know my kids can't remember a time before cell phones so I know they can't imagine a world without electricity.