Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pigeon Pie!

I am going to give you another recipe from the cookbook by Fannie Merritt Farmer.

Pigeon Pie

Dress, clean, and truss six pigeons and saute in salt pork fat until entire surface is seared, turning frequently. Put in a kettle, nearly cover with boiling water, and add one-half teaspoon peppercorns, one onion, stuck with eight cloves, eight slices carrot, two sprigs parsley, and two stalks celery, and let simmer five hours. Remove pigeons, strain liquor, and thicken with four tablespoons butter melted and cooked with three tablespoons flou. Reheat pigeons in sauce, arrange in a pastry case, and cover with a pastry top.

I am guessing that a pastry case & top is the pie crust?!? It does not say any where in this recipe about deboning the pigeons so I am guessing you do that as you are eating it.

I know that pigeons are not common fare these days but it is interesting to me to see what kinds of things people did eat back then.

More to come!

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