Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Is springtime on it's way in your neck of the woods? It is here! The robins have been back for about 2 weeks now & the walking onions have begin to peek their greenery out of the dirt!

It starts a bug in me that wants to get out & start digging in the garden. I went out yesterday to check on things & when I opened the cold frame it came off its hinges. Guess that will have to be a project to put on the to do list!

We will be seeding the pasture again this year & so that is on the list for this week end. As I walked the garden & yard I noticed little tufts of green throughout trying to break through to the sun! I can't wait for the brown to go away & the green to reappear!

What have you got in mind for your gardens this year? Are you still in the planning stage or are you like me ready to start digging?

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