Thursday, July 5, 2012

All Without Rain

Look what I found in the garden this morning! The squash are starting to produce even without any rain or watering!
We love the yellow summer squash just lightly sauteed in butter with some garlic tossed in at the end! Yummy!
I am continuing to water the rest of the garden hoping to get something out of it this year! I dug a hill of potatoes & they are doing well also.

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Kristina said...

Thanks for helping me identify the wrens. They are very close to the patio, but as long as I am sitting still, they don't bother me. You are right about them getting upset if I get too close. I love to hear them sing. For days I kept hearing this bird, but couldn't see it. It's no wonder. They are so tiny. This is the first year to see them here. Or to hear them.