Thursday, July 8, 2010


I never knew that my Grandma made quilts until after she passed away & there were several in her things that my father told me she had made. The finished quilts went to the sons & daughters but there was one unfinished top (imagine that- they had UFOs even back then) that no one knew what to do with, so I asked my father if I could have it. I had it quilted by some ladies at the Methodist church that I used to go to but now it sits in my UFO pile waiting for the binding. It isn't just because I haven't had the time but it is also because I am trying to find a color of binding that will go with it. The types of fabrics that were available then compared to now has changed. So I continue to hunt for the perfect binding. I wish I could say that I have a picture to show you but it is packed away right now. When I can get to it I will be sure to include a picture. I did finsh one of my miniatures this week however, and have a picture of it to show you!

How many of you have UFOs (unfinshed objects)?

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