Thursday, July 29, 2010

How many of you remember seeing your grandmother dry her dishes with a flour sack towel? They are the best. They leave no lint & are very absorbant.  All of the ones my grandmother had had pictures of all kinds embroidered on them. There were flowers, silverware, dishes, animals, animated things of all kinds, people, etc. You can still find flour sack towels but the new ones do not have the embroidery on them. If you want embroidered ones you must look at the antique shops. I do embroidery on new ones for wedding gifts. It is so much fun to pick out a design especially for someone & then watch their face when they open it!
These are some of the ones I have for sale & you can see the variety. Think back to a time before dishwashers & remember what it was like to talk while doing the dishes.

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